Connecting faith-driven entrepreneurs with like-minded investors.

Our Mission:

Connecting faith-driven entrepreneurs with like-minded investors.


Fundraising is overwhelming.

We get it.

Entrepreneurs seeking to benefit society and shape culture through business face increasing difficulty finding Christ-following investors who share their bold vision for social and spiritual impact. They need capital to fuel their growth, but don’t want to compromise the DNA of their company in return for funding.  


Ambassadors Impact Network exists to make the process of connecting you with faith-driven investors a smooth, efficient, and enriching experience.

As a group of kingdom-minded investors with combined experience of more than 150 investments in private ventures and over 120 years of leading businesses and faith-driven enterprises, we can help you achieve your business goals without compromising your faith. In fact, we encourage you to infuse your faith into all you do — inspiring those around you. Your faith is an advantage working for you, not against you.


If you find yourself living in the tension of having to choose between accepting financing or living out your faith-driven vision, we look forward to getting to know you.


Our transparent and efficient screening process takes roughly eight weeks, beginning to end. To see if our financing and partnership are a fit for your business, we invite you to complete our brief funding application.