Raising capital can be a stressful and sometimes slow process. Ambassadors Impact Network is here to offer you something different, efficient, and encouraging. Whomever you invite to invest in your business will directly influence the DNA of your company, for better or worse, and we take that role very seriously. That is why, if we do invest in your business, we are committed to your long-term success. A member will serve as your connection to the Network, providing spiritual encouragement, business assistance, and ongoing availability to help you address the challenges that come with growing a business with multiple bottom lines.


Ideal candidates for funding are entrepreneurs who don’t leave their faith at the door, but rather infuse it into their everyday workplace. We work with leaders who positively impact their workplace, customers, and communities in a redemptive way, blessing all regardless of their worldview or beliefs. Entrepreneurs and teams we back pursue operational excellence, demonstrate biblical principles to employees and customers, and winsomely live out their faith in Jesus. In living out God’s loving design here on earth, business leaders we fund are bringing Heaven to Earth.

Why this matters

Your influence shapes the culture, not only inside your company, but also in the lives of your employees and customers. We are here to lock arms with you as you build your business and steward your resources for the good of those around you, while holding true to your Christian values. This might mean a decrease in profits to help pay your employees more than a living wage, to do what’s right in caring for the Earth, or to encourage employees to take days off for family, rest, and worship. (There is a reason Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby are at the top of their game!)

When we sync up kingdom-minded leaders with kingdom-minded investors, imagine the influence that will take place in the world! It is our heart and passion to be a connecting force between these two groups.


WHAT WE FUND. In order to be eligible for funding, companies must be:

  • Led by a Jesus-following founder, CEO, or management team who recognizes God’s call on his/her/their life to bless employees, customers, and the community through the business.

  • Intentionally integrating Gospel impact into the operations, activities, and/or products/services of the company.

  • Post-revenue or, at minimum, have a completed and working prototype with market validation (such as a pilot or beta users).

  • Projecting breakeven operations in 18 months if not yet profitable. 

  • Raising $200K to $5M (or more) of funding with a solid plan for use. 

  • Raising funding in the form of either equity or debt with conversion right options or attached warrants.


  • Companies operating in the tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, gaming, adult entertainment, or firearms industries.

  • Pre-revenue or concept-stage businesses or projects.

  • Companies whose sole social and/or spiritual impact is limited to sharing a portion of their profits with charities.

  • Companies who are led by Christians but otherwise have no clear or demonstrable Gospel impact in their operations, activities, and/or products and services (recognizing there are many other suitable funding sources for these types of companies).

  • Non-profit organizations; we only provide investment capital to for-profit businesses.

Application Process

We recognize that capital raising is a time-consuming process and are committed to making it as efficient and transparent as possible. 

Our commitment to you during the application process is to be:

  1. Responsive in our communications.

  2. Transparent regarding questions, concerns, and our degree of interest.

  3. Quick and efficient in our diligence process, to give you a yes or no as soon as possible.

  4. Helpful to you and your team, whether we invest or not.

To learn more about our complete application process, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.